History of the Burke-Gaffney clan


With apologies to all who may, from time to time, come and look...

The burke-gaffney.com website is undergoing some long-overdue maintenance work. Slowly. Very slowly, as those few of you who do come can surely attest.

To begin with, what used to be the History subsection is now, and will continue to be, the root for this website. All other content is moved over to cleverguy . Actually some content has been moved. The rest us undergoing the aformentioned redesign.

It is interesting as I look at this site now. This was the first real website I ever built. I remember long nights filled with ashtrays full of cigarettes and the sheer delight in discovery of the web.

So, please continue to explore. The navigation is old style and more than a bit creaky, but serviceable. I hope you will find the story interesting. A good place to start is here .